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OOF: An Online Outrage Fiesta for the Ages

Award-winning novelist and cultural critic Strobe Witherspoon interrogates his own profession

OOF explores the role of satire in a society lurching from one ridiculous crisis to the next, where media outlets rely on clicks to stay alive and everything is filtered through a lens of anger and misinformation.

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praise for OOF

”Strikingly original …an innovative literary experiment that supplies a thoughtful commentary on the ‘discourse virus’ of our age …Witherspoon tackles a broad spectrum of media, including comically scathing excerpts from tweets, podcasts, blogs, and even academic journals and also keenly exposes the ways in which Strobe, the character, is implicated in his own online assault, due to his obsessive attachment to public life.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Sometimes sad and sometimes hilarious, Witherspoon’s timely metafictional novel explores the ways (mis)information can shape public discourse in the digital media age …the wildly entertaining result illuminates the dark side to fame, circa 2021.” – Booklife by Publishers Weekly

”an impressive achievement of unflinching honesty from a noteworthy talent, as resonant and relevant as it is entertaining …OOF tugs at the threads that connect American cynicism with radical extremism and weaves a character-rich tapestry of insight …Each voice, whether of a New Yorker journalist or an Internet influencer, is rendered with uncanny fidelity. Perhaps most masterful is that key events are not depicted but merely alluded to, allowing the text to provide an elegant framework for a more personal story painted almost invisibly in the negative space.”– BlueInk Review

“a work of pure creative genius, engaging and thought-provoking …You know that you are in for a treat when an author makes fun of himself, as Witherspoon wears two hats as an inquisitor general and heretic at the same time.” – Readers’ Favorite

“Those interested in “the low art of chronicling human stupidity” will not be able to put this book down …Fans of works like Dear Committee Members will immediately find a new favorite in this book, as well as a new type of unlikely hero in Strobe Witherspoon.” – US Review of Books


Released in 2013, the near-future of this dystopian satire is NOW.


“Sharp-toothed and Bluetoothed–gigabyte-size political and social satire for the wired generation. In a dumbed-down, dystopic near-future America, high-tech tycoon Manny Kahn fights to save the nation from political pathologies brought about by his own creation, a ubiquitous online search engine…The nonstop invention and wit spare neither the left nor the right.” — Kirkus Reviews

A populist reality show president rises to power demonizing immigrants and globalization. Privacy is no longer possible and social networks are used to destroy political opponents. The Internet is divided between Chinese and American technology. A wall has been built to separate Canada and the US. And the debate about these issues is stupider than ever. Sound familiar?

PEOPLE’S WORLD Top 10 books of 2014 “…as page-turning as it was satirical and allegorical. It simultaneously pokes fun and offers commentary on privacy and the negative effects of social networks. Buy it in paperback form, or enjoy the irony of downloading the ebook.”

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